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Thailand Honeymoon — ฮันนีมูนในประเทศไทย

Added on by Kevin Taylor.

After celebrating our wedding with amazing friends and family, Kelly and I boarded a plane on Sunday, April 20th headed for a relaxing beach in Phuket, Thailand. We flew from Orlando to New York and after a two hour layover, we boarded our first Air China flight headed to Beijing. This flight was supposed to be a 14 hours, but we landed in Beijing an hour behind schedule and missed our connecting flight to Phuket. With lack of sleep, being disoriented and a language barrier, we had a really tough time finding our way around Beijing's International Airport. It took us two hours and about twenty different airport employees to book a hotel room and shuttle service for the night. Exhausted, our shuttle dropped us off at the Golden Phoenix Hotel around 9pm and we quickly put our stuff in the room and went down to grab some dinner. After having a mediocre dinner, we headed back to the room to get some rest for the night. 

We woke up after fourteen hours of sleep and had about five hours to kill before heading back to the airport. After grabbing lunch and hopping on a shuttle, we arrived at the Beijing airport ready for the next flight to Phuket, Thailand. The six hour flight landed in Phuket around 12:30 am on Wednesday, April 23rd. Our feelings of excitement and relief quickly turned to dread as we walked through the Customs doors. Inside, there were five lines, of tired, weary travelers each waiting to get their passports stamped. The line we decided to stand in suddenly got more complicated as another line merged with ours. Two hours after of pushing and shoving, Kelly and I finally made it through Customs, grabbed our luggage and headed out of Phuket International Airport looking for our private car.

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