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Kilts, Paddy's and Green Beer

Added on by Kevin Taylor.
Last year while celebrating St. Paddy's day in Austin, I made a promise to my wife that in twenty-fifteen we'd be celebrating St. Patrick's Day in the motherland. So after the holidays we started planning our trip to Scotland and Ireland. The plan was to spend 10 days over there, three in Scotland and seven driving around the southern part of The Emerald Isle. We started with our usual research, creating an itinerary and price hunting for the best possible flights. Our flight over left March 11th flying IcelandAir, and returning on Ireland's own, Aer Lingus on March 21. The original plan was to have an hour layover in Keflavík, Iceland but one thing I've learned about traveling abroad, is that sometimes things don't always go the way you've planned them. Flight crews are required 24 hours of rest after flying and our crew arrived the night before late, due to a bad storm. Because of this, our 7pm flight out of Orlando Sanford International Airport was delayed until 1am Thursday morning.

We landed in Keflavík around 9 am and since we missed our connecting flight to Glasgow, we had to stay in Iceland for 24 hours. Normally, this would have been a downer, but seeing how Iceland holds special meaning to Kelly and I, we didn't let it ruin the beginning of our trip. Our plan for the next 24 hours in Iceland was to rent a car, check in to the hotel, visit the Blue Lagoon again and have dinner at our favorite restaurant in Reykjavik. The weather in Iceland was overcast, snowy and a chilly 1º Celsius /34º Fahrenheit with about 2 feet of snow on the ground. We quickly loaded up the car and headed to the lagoon, for some much needed relaxation. The lagoon was refreshing as ever, we had some adult beverages, exfoliated our skin and enjoyed the geothermal warm waters that the lagoon offered. 

After the lagoon we headed to the hotel to check in and get ready for our dinner. We had reservations for a restaurant called Snaps Bistro, in Reykjavik. Snaps is the restaurant that Kelly and I went to for dinner the night before I proposed to her, so having dinner there a second time and reminiscing about our previous trip to Iceland (See my "Ice from Iceland" post) was really special. After drinks, dinner and dessert we drove back to the hotel to get a good nights rest and prepare for the early morning departure. 

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